Android is the most widely utilized operating system for mobile phones in the world. Everything from budget brands such as Redmi and Realme, all the way to premium flagships like the OnePlus 7T Pro carry this incredible software. The best thing is, that it’s open source, and virtually anyone can and should use it to their best advantage on their phone. However, only the Pixel phones get the newest updates as they roll out, with third party hardware manufacturers having to wait for the slow and laborious rollout of Android from Google’s behalf. Over the past few years, since the Pixel gained steam, Google has slowed the rollout even more, perhaps making the earliest stock Android availability a unique selling point for their own devices, causing other companies to get by on hardware alone. However, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers of the world, Samsung, is finally rolling out the beta for the newest version for Android, Android 10, on their flagship.

Android 10
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What is the Samsung Galaxy S10?

As mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the newest mainline flagship from Samsung. Obviously, they also have the Note series, but the S10 is what competes with the mainline flagships from other brands. This phone was the newest in Samsung’s 10 line of smartphones, and is certainly one of the biggest sellers in their lineup. Competing now directly with the iPhone 11, OnePlus 7 Pro, and Google Pixel 4, the S10 has some serious competition out there, but Samsung has enough of a name now that they can sway consumers to buying their phones. Samsung’s phones ship with the OS, with a particular skin on it always, entitled ‘TouchWiz’, making it a not purely stock Android experience.

What is Android 10?

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Obviously, Android 10 is the newest iteration of the software operating system for mobile devices. It brings along with it a host of new quality of life adjustments, features, aesthetics, and general changes. Until now, we’ve predominantly only seen this on the Pixel line of devices, but now, we see it coming to other flagships. Android 10 introduces dark mode to Android, allowing for a split theme to be used across devices, certainly adding to the customizability. Additionally, many other features will be added, which beef out the functionality of both new, and existing Android devices which run on this framework, including the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Why is Android 10 Significant?

This beta coming to the Galaxy S10 means that soon, the full version can launch, after bugs are smoothed over. This is great news as in a few months, all new Galaxy S10’s will be up to date with the newest Android software, making it a new selling point for these devices. Additionally, Samsung can claim that Android 10 is no longer a Pixel specific feature, and has in fact come to their very own smartphone flagship as well, in the guise of TouchWiz skin. This is a great thing for the industry, and competition is sure to make the best out of all companies.


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