Android is presently the most widely used operating system in the world today, especially for smartphones. You may not know this but your phone is most likely running a simple, re-skinned version for Android. Don’t believe us? Oxygen OS is an Android skin, MIUI is an Android skin, and TouchWiz is also an Android skin. These three examples alone probably cover half the Indian market itself. Anyways, it’s worth note that the Google team has been working hard on the newest iteration of the operating system, to follow up the successful Android 9.0 Pie update. Soon, Android 10 will be rolling out, probably along with the Pixel 4 as well. Now, it is available for Beta download, and here are the 5 biggest features of the newest update.

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Android 10
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Dark Mode

This is a fantastic feature, and we’re genuinely so happy to see it finally coming to Android. We’ve all been there, scrolling through YouTube dark late at night, wherein you open your alarm app and proceed to get your retinas fried from the brightness. It’s great to see this general step in the tech world towards making more customizable interfaces, and we’re sure that Android 10’s dark mode will be put to great effect, and perhaps in a few years, might just overtake the standard Android light theme as the most widely used one.

Family Link

This is a great feature from the usability and technology innovation standpoint. One of the biggest debates in the world today is undoubtedly how and why children use their technology. Presently, it’s difficult for a child to monitor their child’s tech usage in any capacity, let alone for specific tasks. However, in Android 10, Google is introducing Family Link, sort of like a child lock for technology. This allows parents to monitor and limit their child’s downloads, screen on time, as well as what is being done on the phone at any moment. We’re sure that this technology will be put to good use by parents, and will go a long way into raising less technologically dependent generations.

Focus Mode

This is a nifty feature for the procrastinators and those easily distracted among us. There are many apps such as this, but it’s nice to see fan favorite features like these slowly find their way into the operating system itself. Focus mode is a toggle mode on Android 10 which allows the users to seal off applications which tend to distract them, such as WhatsApp or Candy Crush, once enabled, you will no longer receive notifications from these specific apps, nor will you be able to open them till focus mode is disengaged. Great for sudden spurts of motivation, and will surely bring the best and most productive versions of ourselves out.

Gesture Navigation

As is standard with almost every Android update, they have lifted something from iOS. Well, that’s a little unfair, but it’s tough to see this as being a big innovation. However, it is certainly a welcome addition which keeps Android in the race against Google. One can now navigate their Android device seamlessly without virtual buttons using gestures, such as swiping up for home, and swiping right for last used app. These are just some of the cool, but expected additions of Android 10.

Smart Reply

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This is an especially cool feature, which builds off the concept of what Android has been attempting to achieve for the past few updates now, seamless transitions between apps and interactivity of the mobile ecosystem. For example, if someone sends a location, it will open straight in Google Maps, or if someone sends a video link, you will be able to immediately stream it through YouTube. This makes the device feel more interconnected, and is sure to be one of the true hallmarks of Android 10. Expect this one to trickle down to iOS as well, such is the nature after any big update.


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