Very soon, the long-awaited Asus ROG Phone 2 will be launching in India, if reports are to believed. This is significant since the first device marked somewhat of a paradigm shift in the smartphone industry, demonstrating that a smartphone focused primarily on gaming is commercially viable, and there is a genuine market for a product such as this. Since the launch of the previous phone, rampant speculation has been underway as to what the specs, details, and figures of the new phone will be, thankfully, we have a fairly accurate scoop as to all of these later on in the piece.

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Asus ROG Phone 2
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What is the Asus ROG Phone 2

Obviously enough, the Asus ROG Phone 2 is nothing but a successor to the Asus ROG Phone 1, which was an innovative smartphone launched by the Asus manufacturer just a few years ago. In essence, Asus has possessed the ‘ROG’ brand for a long time, denoting ‘Republic of Gamers’. Usually, a label placed on their performance laptops, this tag denotes those products which are targeted towards a more hardcore gaming audience. They also usually feature a red and black motif on the exterior, as well as the ROG logo featured prominently all over the product itself.

Well the Asus ROG Phone was originally slated to be a product along similar lines, but for the smartphone industry. In essence, it would be a performance-focused smartphone, with the maximum specs, optimized for gaming in mind, and everything else secondarily. However, interestingly enough, the phone caught on for being, well, a genuinely good phone, and was praised by fans and critics alike for not only being a fantastic gaming machine, but also a functional and great phone overall. It should come as no surprise then that the second iteration of this phone is highly anticipated in the market, and many of its specs are shown below.

What are the Specs?

The highlighting specs from the Asus ROG Phone 2 are as follows:

  •   6.5-inch display   with a 1080×2340 display resolution. The screen is specifically optimized for gaming so that it can use a standard operating procedure during a regular task such as calling or messaging but is able to reallocate power to make more vivid and clear graphics during gaming sessions.
  • Dual rear cameras with 48 and 13 megapixels respectively. While it’s unlikely anyone purchasing this phone would be genuinely interested in the photography aspect of smartphones, it feels good to know that Asus is keeping up with the competition by offering a dual-camera setup, one is sure to be perfectly serviceable for any budding amateur smartphone photographer out there.
  • 8GB ram preloaded unto device, optimized for gaming. While it’s not unusual nowadays for smartphones to come out with 8 gigabytes of ram, Asus has tuned the memory on this device more towards power and performance than efficiency, making it a quiet powerhouse in its own right.
  • 6000mAH battery for the extended heavy screen on time. This is truly a game-changer since phones with over 4000mAH batteries are already given a whole lot of respect. To increase an already impressive figure by 50% shows a serious amount of dedication to a long-lasting performance from Asus’ side.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor. One of the stronger processors on the market, this will no doubt ensure smoother performance from the device during heavy gaming.
  • Android 9.0 pie preloaded on the device, however, an update to Android 10 post-launch is all but a given.

Why Should You Buy?

Well, this is a difficult question since the answer is not simply ‘if you’re a gamer, then you should buy it’. First off, if you are an avid mobile gamer, then it’s a no brainer, the Asus ROG Phone 2 will not dissatisfy you in any meaning of the word. However, if you’re an android enthusiast looking for a new daily driver, then perhaps you should also consider, compare, and contrast the ROG Phone 2 with its contemporaries and see if it’s for you, since it might just be what you’re looking for not just in terms of high performance, but also as a technical device.

As mentioned, a lot of modern features such as Android 9.0 pie as well as a dual-camera setup are on offer, so it truly is worth considering as a solid, performance smartphone. This can also be more diverse than gaming since content creators who edit media on their phones often could also do a lot with the more powerful processor and ram in general.

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