The budget segment of the Indian smartphones market is an extremely popular one. Specifically the segment spanning INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 is a very competitive one, since phones costing over INR 10,000 tend to cross a mental barrier in the eyes of the customers, which assume it has moved into the next segment. With that being said however, in the past few years, this segment has been slowly but surely evolving. While previously, companies would fill this segment with filler nonsense, and older models, seeing as few would purchase a phone of this price.

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However, it is clear something has changed in the industry, seeing as manufacturers are now going as far as to open sub-brands in the name of budget phone branding. Additionally, we see more advanced and premium features trickling down into the lower segments of the market in a much more rapid manner. With all this being said, it is 2020, and we have entered a new decade, so there are about to be a whole lot more phone buyers this year. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 smartphones priced under INR 10,000 right now, so new and existing buyers can make an informed decision before committing to a smartphone.

Redmi Note 8

Image showing Redmi Note 8
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Redmi has long been in the top 3 companies when it comes to budget smartphones, and given that this is a budget list, it should come as no surprise that they have made it on here. The Redmi Note 8 is the newest iteration in the Redmi Note series, these are essentially large smartphones with premium features, but offered at a budget price. The phone itself is very attractive, featuring a glossy black finish, and a front facing teardrop notch style camera, for a wider, more modern looking screen. It also features Gorilla Glass 5 for drop protection, and has an 82% screen to body ratio.

Galaxy M10s

Image showing Galaxy M10s
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Samsung was once the king of the global smartphone marketplace, but in the past decade, the amount of competition which has entered and dominated the market is astounding. Without a doubt, the Galaxy S series of flagship smartphones are still some of the most popular in the world, it is Samsung’s budget offerings which often get swept over. However, this year, they are back with a bang, releasing the M series of budget phones, all catering to a different need or price range. On this list particularly, we’ve featured the M10s which sports a 4000mAH battery, along with a Super AMOLED display, a feature not shared by any of it’s contemporaries.

Realme U1

Image showing Realme U1
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Coming swiftly onto the third phone on our list, the Realme U1. Realme and Redmi are often confused, and not without good reason, they are both Chinese manufacturers, which are subsidiaries of a larger brand, which happen to make budget smartphones. However, the Realme U1 is a serious machine, and shockingly enough, costs under INR 10,000. Spec wise, this phone has a whopping 84% screen to body ratio, putting even some flagships to shame. The dual rear camera also makes it a far more practical device than many of those in this particular bracket.

Vivo U10

Image showing Vivo U10
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Coming to the offering from yet another mainstay company of the Indian market, the Vivo U10. This phone was specifically positioned to be sold in this segment, and this one alone, as can be seen more vividly through its stat sheet. Featuring a whopping triple rear camera, which puts even some flagships to shame, the U10 is a true users phone. The top spec version comes with up to 64gigs of memory, and 4gb of ram. Not to mention, it comes out of the box with a high quality SnapDragon 665 processor, which is both a reliable brand, and a solid chipset for a phone of this capability.

Honor 8X

Image showing Honor 8X
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Last but not least, we come to the Honor sub-brand, which is actually owned and operated by the Huawei group of phone manufacturers. The top spec of this one actually features 6 gigabytes of ram, putting others on this list to look outdated. It also has a sharp 84% screen to body ratio, making it look sleek and modern. There is also a dual camera setup on offer, which will probably get the job done than break any real records, but functionality is the name of the game when it comes to the Honor brand. There is also an impressive 16 megapixel front camera, for high fidelity selfies across the board.


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