The Indian smartphones market is a dynamic and vast one. There happen to be buyers for every price, brand, or purpose of smartphone out there, and there are tens of brands out there right now which cater to the diverse needs of the market at the moment. Below, we’ve chosen to specifically come at the segment of phones priced between INR 10,000 and INR 15,000. This slightly higher end of budget phones is where one starts to see better and more dynamic features coming in, as well as more streamlined design philosophies being followed. So below are the top 5 smartphones currently available in the market, costing below INR 15,000.

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Samsung Galaxy M30s

Image showing Samsung Galaxy M30s
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Samsung has recently switched up their product portfolio vastly. Management must have noticed that while the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of smartphones are very successful in the current market, and always have been, their budget offerings seemed to be slumping behind a very rapidly growing Indian market. So, they have brought in both the A series and M series in order to fulfill the need of a so called “budget flagship” role. Specifically, we are referring to the Samsung Galaxy M30s, which is their phone priced below INR 15,000. This model features a Super AMOLED display, which you will struggle to find in any other phone at this price. It also has a triple rear camera, which pairs with Samsung’s great image processing to make some truly stunning photographs. Lastly, the value of having a Samsung phone at this price also says a lot.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Image showing Redmi Note 8 Pro
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Redmi, as we’ve mentioned a bunch of times now, is sort of a king in the budget Indian market of smartphones. Their phones are consistently well priced, well made, and have enough new features to convince you that it is a somewhat upscale product to other brands. Case in point, the Redmi Note 8 Pro, which is the newest iteration of the wildly popular Redmi Note series of smartphones. It features a 85% screen to body ratio, making it look modern, and sleek. Additionally, there is a quad rear camera which clicks some truly wonderful pictures, especially at this price. It also features a massive battery at 4500mAh, and comes with specifications of either 6 or 8 gigabytes of ram. A highly recommended choice when it comes specifically to this segment of the market.

Vivo U20

Image showing  Vivo U20
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Not to be overlooked by the aforementioned Redmi, and other competitors in the market, since it’s arrival, Vivo has also been a great alternative brand. They are well known for their feature heavy specs, and phenomenal cameras. Right off the bat, the Vivo U10 features a small chin, and a tiny teardrop notch making for an 84% screen to body ratio. The phone looks modern, smart, and the appearance is certainly attractive. The phone comes with either 4 or 6 gigabytes, depending on the trim level, but the real stat to note is that the preloaded 5000mAH battery is one of the biggest in this class, and will allow your phone to persevere for extended amounts of time without needing to juice up.

Poco F1

Image showing Poco F1
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The Pocophone F1 was hugely hyped all around the world before it’s launch. Being marketed as a “budget flagship” smartphone, having the features of more expensive flagships, while costing as much as a budget phone. While this concept has been further evolved since, with the Redmi K20 Pro, and some other offerings from Oppo and Vivo, Poco was the first. This phone featured a lot of features which were unseen at this price at the time. However, despite being older than almost every other phone on this list, the Poco still holds up. Coming with either 6 or 8 gigabytes of ram, and featuring a 4000mAH battery, the Poco is no slouch when it comes to hardware.

Mi A3

Image showing Mi A3
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Lastly, we come to the Mi A3, which is another great phone coming in at below INR 15,000. This phone has a 4030mAH battery, outclassing some on this list even. Additionally, the Snapdragon 665 chip makes sure that performance is great at all times. Featuring a 82% screen to body ratio, this phone looks both smart and modern. Additionally, Android One is available on this phone, making it another One equipped smartphone, however, only one of few at this price. Also featuring Gorilla Glass 5 for durability, the Mi A3 is a great choice for heavy users.


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