During the past few days, I received a lot of requests from readers as to What Dark Web is? and How they can access the same?

While going through the requests, I realized many users referred Dark Web as Deep Web in their queries.

So before we begin to discuss what is Dark Web and how can you safely access it. It’s important to know the difference between Dark Web and Deep Web.

It’s also of prime importance to know how these two are different from Surfaced Web that we browse daily on traditional browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

Surface Web

Surface Web which is also known as Indexable Web refers that portion of the World Wide Web that is indexed on traditional browsers. The best example can be, My Techy Tech’s web pages which are indexed.

Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. are great examples of traditional browsers.

Various reports state that the web we daily browse(i.e, Surface Web) forms only about 10% of the World Wide Web as a whole.

The remaining 90% of the World Wide Web is not indexed and that brings us to the Deep web.

Deep Web

Don’t be shocked! If I tell you that you have been accessing Deep Web for quite some time now.

By the way, its called Deep Web because unlike Surface Web not everyone can access and view this information.

Deep web is that part of the World Wide Web that is not indexed. You won’t get a meaningful result if you search them up via traditional web browsers.

Deep web stores information like the content of your personal e-mail and your social media accounts. Data stored by any entity on their private database, Medical records, Records related to social welfare schemes also form a part of the Deep Web.

Since these data are not of public use but of private nature traditional browsers do not index them.

But why it is not indexed?

It is not indexed because it won’t make sense for google to show me your emails or your bank account details if I search them for!

That’s why you require a username and password to go through the content of Deep Web. So now I hope that you realize how long you have been using Deep Web.

Dark Web

Dark web which is also known as Darknet is that small part of the Deep Web which is further hidden and encrypted.

Where Deep Web stores legal and standardized content, Dark Web majorly stores content which is of illegal nature.

Since the majority of content and activities on the dark web are of illegal nature, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin acts as a medium of exchange.

Examples of the content that dark web allows you to go through

1. Child pornography, which is illegal by law.

2. You can witness websites trading in Drugs and Weapons.

3. There are many sites where you can even hire a marksman to kill someone.

4. You can come across many websites facilitating illegal activities like money laundering.

5. You can go through the websites allowing you to hire notorious hackers to hack into any computer network for a price.

6. Illegal activities like human trafficking are facilitated on various sites.

7. People who are disregarded of the conventional modes of communication use Dark Web as a medium of communication.

8. Web browsers like Tor witness, the presence of many whistleblowing sites since user’s anonymity is taken care of.

How to access the Dark Web?

You can access it through various browsing software such as Tor, Freenet, Tails, I2P, etc.

Browsers like Tor are known to maintain the anonymity of both the surfers and publishers of the websites operating on the dark web.

Should you visit Dark Web?

So now after knowing how you can visit the Dark Web and what will be waiting for you there, thinking of visiting the dark web is not a very smart idea.

Not only you can be legally prosecuted for indulging in or even visiting sites promoting illegal transactions.

You can be a victim of cyber-crime by getting hacked by notorious hackers, who can steal your personal information and can corrupt your device with malicious viruses.


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