The everlasting debate between Android and iOS operating systems is fittingly one of the most raging and interesting between the swathes of Apple and Google fanboys respectively. While many argue that Apple has built a great ecosystem with iOS, and is much simpler to use, at the same time, others denounce its simplicity, stating that it is the complexity of Android which makes it interesting. No matter where you sit on the fence, it is no surprise that Android certainly has the edge when it comes to customizability over Apple, and iOS. After all, Apple prides their high levels of quality control due to the fact that they build “closed systems”. On the other hand, Google doesn’t really care what you do with Android, as long as it satisfies the customer.

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How do you customize the Android OS interface?

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Essentially, there are myriad ways to customize Android OS. First off, the basic ones which require little effort such as wallpapers, dark modes, app drawer styles, and more. These are all built into the Android launcher as standard, and don’t require much power to execute. The next level would be installing a theme. In essence, a theme is a skin which changes the basic physical appearance of the Android interface. A lot of phones, such as OnePlus devices, come preloaded with so called “launchers”, a fancy word for themes. Truly, only Stock Android, seen on a handful of phones don’t have launchers. In a much, much more micro sense, one can customize each and every individual element of the Android interface by playing with a few settings here and there. One of these, is icon packs, which is what Delta is.

What is the app known as Delta?

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As mentioned, Delta is an aesthetic appearance package for Android. It is not a skin, and will not change the way your phone looks and feels in it’s entirety. The major thing it does, which most people utilize the app for, is the icon pack which comes attatched to it. Essentially, you can choose to either do a full sweep, changing every single icon on your phone to a new, updated one provided by Delta. Alternatively, you can also pick and choose certain apps whose logo and icon you’d like to change, for a more in-depth, hands-on type of customization experience. It’s worth mentioning that Delta also comes equipped with a handful of HD wallpapers, which gorgeously complement the look of the icons provided.

What is the theme and aesthetic appeal of Delta?

Delta is a minimalist package, which reduces all icons, logos, and more of your phones interface down to the bare bones. Things to look out for are bare bones color schemes. This is great for minimalist fans, who enjoy a more stripped back experience. While stock Android can be flooded with saturated colors, and flashy icons, Delta allows you to be a little more calm and restrained with your look.


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