The annual Flipkart Big Billion Days sale has finally arrived. In this festive season, we see so many sales from the likes of Amazon, and other online platforms, that these things begin to appear a little saturated in our mind as a whole. However, Flipkart offers some of the very best value propositions especially in the world of tech today, even without any kind of sale. So it should come as no surprise that the Big Billion Days event is one of the biggest sales of the summer, when it comes to tech. The following are five of the very best deals currently live on the Flipkart site.

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Flipkart Big Billion Days
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iPhone X (Now INR 44,999)

It absolutely goes without saying that this is a deal of ludicrous proportions. Originally priced around INR 91,900 on Flipkart itself, now, thanks to the Big Billion Days sale, the price has been slashed by around half. This is an unbelievable deal considering that the iPhone is one of the most recognizable phones today, belonging to Apple, a forerunner in the world of technology and innovation. Additionally, this is one of the most desirable phones ever, featuring a unique Face ID unlocking system, as well as being part of the massive Apple Ecosystem of apps such as Airdrop, iMessage, Reminders, and more, make the iPhone X one of the best smartphones on the market, even a few years out from its original release date.

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Google Home Mini (Now INR 2,299)

It is pretty common knowledge at this point that Google is making some of the biggest moves in the entirety of the home smart speaker market in the world. Even trumping over seeming industry giants such as Amazon Alexa and Apple Home Pod, the Google Home is one of the best smart devices on the market today. The smallest incarnation of this concept, the Google Home Mini is now available on Flipkart for under half the regular price, thanks to the Big Billion Days sale presently ongoing. Be sure to grab this hot device while it’s still on sale.

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Redmi Note 7 Pro (Now INR 11,999)

This big flagship smartphone coming from the Redmi brand was originally priced at INR 15,999, but thanks to Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale, the price has been brought down by around INR 3,000 all across the range. This smartphone was a fantastic value proposition even before the price cut, which has now made it unfathomably competitively priced at the moment. Featuring a sleek design, with a teardrop dot style notch across the top, the Redmi Note 7 Pro breaks the cover as a truly modern smartphone, belonging in with the various 2019 releases.

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Redmi K20 (Now INR 19,999)

Coming to the final smartphone on the list, the just recently released Redmi K20 Pro, which fairly shockingly has already been put on sale thanks to the Flipkart Big Billion Days. Originally priced at 22,999, this phone sees almost a 2 thousand rupee discount so close to it’s launch. This smartphone is an innovative one, taking the concept of a ‘flagship at a budget price’ to the next level, featuring many technologies only found in phones priced much higher than itself. Thanks to the sale, this has become quite the value proposition.

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JBL Cinema Sound System (Now INR 8,999)

This, along with the aforementioned iPhone X is one of the wildest deals on the internet today, and only thanks to the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale. This speaker system, originally priced around INR 25,000, is now on an over 60% offer from Flipkart, making it a sub INR 10,000 purchase, for a JBL sound system. A deal of this proportion is unheard of, especially considering this is one of the very best standalone sound systems on the market today. Be sure to snag this one up courtesy of JBL before the deal expires.

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