It seems there are very few aspects of our living which remain untouched by the grasps of modern information and communication technology. Certainly, smart homes are one of those things which are widely debated upon. While some believe it intrusive to have a device which is always online, monitoring your every move, and listening to your every conversation, and yes, when put like that, it does sound spooky. But on the flipside, this technology is also undeniably cool, and cutting edge, being able to blurt a small command, and have your very own artificial intelligence at your fingertips is incredible. One of the major players in this race is Google, with their Google Home branch of appliances, which run off their “Google Assistant” AI technology. Google has recently announced intentions to diversify this lineup from just smart speakers to so much more, and we’re here to discuss one of these very products today.

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Google Nest Hub
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What is Google Nest Hub?

In essence, the Google Nest Hub is Google’s newest product entry into their “home” line of products. As opposed to their “Google Home” speakers of the past, this is almost like a digital photoframe. It certainly features a speaker, as well as a microphone (more on the specs below) but the real unique x factor is the inclusion of a multifunctional display screen, which can project all kinds of imagery for everyone to see on it. How functional is it exactly, here are the specs.

Tech Specs

The following are the highlight specs for the Google Nest Hub:

  • Google Assistant built in onboard. It is fairly commonly accepted now that Google’s Assistant is one of the most fluid, fast, and responsive voice commanded assistants in the market today. Obviously competing with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Assistant tends to stand out due to it’s improved speech recognition, and long list of functions relative to the aforementioned picks. So it’s handy that the Nest Hub comes equipped with Assistant, since it’s already available on most smartphones, and can link up with other applications from Google such as Maps and Gmail in order to make a more synchronous experience.
  • Chromecast built in onboard. This is another big feature, again competing with Amazon and their Fire TV Stick, the Chromecast also has a reputation for being an extremely useful, reliable, and functional device, so it’s good to hear that all Google Nest Hub’s will come pre-equipped with this nifty piece of tech.
  • Multi-room audio with full room speaker. This is a great onboard feature, which most wouldn’t have expected from what is basically a smart e-photoframe. The speakers can produce room-filling sounds with music, or other audio media, which allows the Nest Hub to double up as a smartspeaker, somewhat like an Amazon Echo.
  • Far field microphones. This feature allows one to trigger the aforementioned Google Assistant commands from longer ranges than would be expected. One can see that a simple ‘Ok Google’ from even across a large room could be picked up by this handy piece of tech due to the far field microphones.
  • Ambient EQ light sensor. Not a huge deal breaker here, but nice to have, the screen can automatically adjust its brightness according to the light level in the room, in order to maintain harmony, and not have the screen be too bright or dark at any one moment.
  • 7 Inch touchscreen display. Basically the titular feature differentiating this piece of tech from the other speakers or so called “smart speakers” on the market, the display. This can display a wide variety of things, especially due to the chromecast compatibility, which adds a certain new dimension to a concept which has somewhat become commonplace.
  • Bluetooth 5 onboard. This is good news for tech heads, since Bluetooth 5 is the latest and greatest iteration of the Bluetooth technology currently available, so one can rest assured that the device will be as functional and snappy as we would expect from Google.
  • Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS compatibility. This is great news seeing as pretty much over 90% of all devices people own today will be covered by this spread. Also, it’s good not to see discrimination against Apple or Microsoft products, making the Google Nest Hub a bit of a softer sell to those possessing these devices.

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