We now live in the world where the classification of “foodie” has lost all meaning. Now, people are much more open to experience new types of cuisines, and even go on culinary adventures. Certainly, this is a great thing, as the restaurant industry of the world is more than booming, and it is easy to see why. People are getting more and more sucked into the world of culinary culture. As someone who would describe myself as a lifelong so called “foodie”, I personally love this as I can have new experiences all the time solely based on the food I’m ingesting, with the variety of people who are accompanying me.

As a result of this, and the fact that we are living in the information age, there have been many attempts to marry the worlds of technology and food like never before. One of these attempts is the fantastic Gourmet Passport service, which will be the topic of this very article today! Read below to find out more about this service, which we would highly recommend.

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What is the service known as Gourmet Passport?

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In essence, Gourmet Passport allows one to sign up to a subscription, usually one year, which provides them with benefits across some of the best restaurants in the world. How it works is, when you sign up for a year, you get a certain number of “coupons” from each restaurant or bar. These coupons serve different purposes, such as buy 2 get 2 free on drinks, or buy 1 get 1 free on entrees. These benefits are fantastic, and for people who go out a lot for food or drinks, you will certainly get a lot of mileage out of using this app regularly.

How does Gourmet Passport work exactly?

In essence, you should pick a restaurant on the Gourmet Passport app before leaving your home, so you know that the coupons will be valid for a fact at the place you’re visiting. Then, order according to the promotion as listed on the app, for example if it’s 2 plus 2 on drinks, then you must order at least 2 drinks to avail the coupon. Then, when your bill arrives, simply redeem the coupon on Gourmet Passport, hand it to the waiter, and they will handle the rest. At this point, your final bill will be calculated with the coupon in consideration, allowing you to save on the meals or drinks you have.

Where are the Gourmet Passport schemes valid?

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This purely depends on where you are geographically. Personally for us, in Delhi NCR, Gourmet Passport is valid at all high class establishments, and generally higher end bars. However, the app has a great “map” section, which allows one to filter through various options, and view all the restaurants which are available for coupon redemption. Before singing up, check out which places carry the app, to save getting burned later.


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