Honor is one of those brands which get swept under the rug, especially in the Indian market. However, one marketing flaw is that the brand fails to associate itself with its parent company, Huawei. This is a bummer since Huawei has actually done shockingly well in the Indian market, especially in the wake of the United States-China trade war which has been going on recently. Honor puts out great devices in the budget segment, competing with Realme, Redmi, Vivo and so many more brands which exist in the Indian market. Their newest offering is the Honor 9X, and in this piece, we’re going to focus on the phone, describe it’s place in the market, then proceed to break down it’s specs.

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What is the Honor 9X

The Honor 9X is another “flagship killer” phone in the vein of Redmi K20 pro, aiming to undercut phones which are already undercutting the flagships, much like how the OnePlus brand has been doing since it’s inception till date. A lot of budget manufacturers are doing this nowadays, another example is Realme with their X2 Pro phone. This is a great trend as it urges flagships to really push the envelope hard and fast, seeing as technology gets trickled down so quickly and to such a low degree with relative ease these days. What specs is the Honor 9X rocking, read below to find out!

What are the Honor 9X Specs?

The following are the standout and most noteworthy specs of the Honor 9X smartphone:

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  • IPS LCD display on front. This is a bit of a let down, since other phones in this class like the Redmi K20 Pro are coming with fully loaded AMOLED displays, this is without a doubt a step down from that.
  • Android 9.0 Pie preloaded. Hopefully an update to Android 10 is planned, since this will keep the phone contemporary and relevant to the times, since all the competition seem to be jumping on the newest Android either out of the box, or in the form of a day one update.
  • HiSilicon Kirin 710F. An unusual chip, but probably to the standard of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, should be sufficient to power the phone well and smoothly.
  • Choice of either 4 or 6 GB RAM. This is great customization, but we would have liked to see a 6 GB variant across the range, seeing as 4 GB of RAM is seeming more and more underpowered as time goes on.
  • Choice of either 64 or 128 GB ROM. Another great facet of customization, we wish more phones would offer options like this!
  • Triple rear camera with 48 megapixel primary shooter.
  • Pop up, motorized selfie camera with 16 megapixel shooter.
  • USB Type C port with headphone jack.
  • Rear fingerprint sensor. Another let down since phones in this class are starting to offer in-screen fingerprint sensors.
  • 4000mAH battery onboard. A standard battery size in today’s day and age, would have been great to see a higher value attached to this.


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