As is usually the case with the newest crop of Apple products every year, the team over at Cupertino, California has released a new software rollout along with their new hardware. As is common knowledge by now, by virtue of it pretty much being global news, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max recently released globally, and these devices saw the rollout of the newest update to Apple’s proprietary software, iOS, specifically, iOS 13. In this piece, we’re going to break down the newest features introduced by Apple in this update, as well as the changes made to preexisting features on the software.

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iOS 13
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The Introduction of Dark Mode on iOS

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This, strangely enough, is one of the standout features of the new update. This should come as no surprise since plenty of modern applications are embracing the “dark mode” aesthetic, since users are increasingly finding it so wildly popular. Android recently rolled out their dark mode in Android X update, and so did Instagram in their newest patch. Apple’s dark mode will turn all onboard iOS applications into a darker themed UI, featuring more grays, and blacks, contrary to their conventionally white and bright colour scheme. One can expect these themes to be streamlined as ever, seeing as Apple is the master of coordinating aesthetics.

New and Improved Photos App

Apple’s previous “Photos” app has started to feel a little dated and cluttered as compared to its competition, which ostensibly, is the Google Photos app. In another extremely welcome decision, Apple has made tens of updates and upgrades, both minor and major, to the stock photos app which comes preloaded on all iOS devices, in the iOS 13 update. First off, the new “photos” tab in the app itself allows one to curate their collection of images with increased simplicity, and crucially, customizability. This should make the user experience of using the photos app far more enjoyable, and streamlined.

Changes to Camera App in Software Sense

Another point which is adjacent to our last. While not being able to outright update the hardware of previous phones in order to keep the quality of the sensor in line with the newer devices, for obvious reasons, Apple has found a loophole. What they’ve done is taken the existing camera app, and improved it’s AI functionality, as well as software tweaks and changes in order to modernize the experience of using the camera app, as well as marginally improving the quality of photos, using the iOS 13 update. Most of the changes are coming to the “portrait mode” shooting form of the camera, which sees two fundamental improvements to it’s functionality. This update should make the process of taking portrait mode shots on older iPhones more useful, and less dated.

Updated and Fresh Apple Maps App

Maps has always been a sore point for Apple, since it’s pretty much lore at this point that both Google Maps, and Waze are far more functional navigation apps, with Apple Maps being relegated to sad iPhone users forced to use it on their Apple CarPlay road trips. Well, Apple hears this, and has taken it to heart somewhat, seeing as they have completely overhauled the maps app, rebuilding the map from the ground up, instead of using their previous iteration as a launching pad. Tens of new features, along with greater CarPlay functionality, might just make Apple Maps finally viable. This was a necessary update, since it might actually drive users to see the new maps, as opposed to it simply being one of those apps you can’t uninstall.

Siri Improvements and Tweaks

Lastly, we’re coming to what is possibly the most welcome, and significant change in this newest iOS update, that being improvements to Siri. Now, much like Maps, it’s also a conceded point that both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are more popular with people possessing devices carrying that software, than iOS users are with Siri. So it’s great that Apple is showing continuous support for this, and are not backing down to the competition. Namely, Siri has introduced a new Indian English voice, for more localization in the Indian market.

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