Movie making is one of the vastest and time consuming hobbies any one person could have. From the stage of earliest pre-production, to the point of the film releasing, the amount of processes, and challenges one has to undertake are truly respectable, and I admire filmmakers greatly. One aspect of filmmaking which more than often gets swept under the rug is editing. While acting, directing, and writing tend to take center stage in most productions, since these are the easiest things to see, editing is everything that happens from when the last “cut” is yelled on set, to when the film makes it onto the silver screen. This is largely due to the fact that while we are exposed to acting, and cameras from a young age, only a very small, select portion of the population actually knows how editing works.

Problem is, editing can certainly be intimidating. From the large amounts of paid programs, skills, tutorials, features, menus you have to navigate through, its more than understandable that anyone gets lost in this shuffle. Thankfully, the act of editing film is becoming more and more accessible by the minute, and certainly, in a few years, everyone will appreciate editing as the art it is. Below, we’re discussing one of the big shifters in this movement, KineMaster, read below to find out more.

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What is the app known as KineMaster?

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KineMaster is, in essence, a mobile app which allows one to edit footage in a more sophisticated manner than your basic stock editor. It has more advanced features which you may not be familiar with, and aims to allow you to quickly trim together footage taken on your phone, into a finished product.

Is KineMaster app helpful in any way?

If you’re a professional editor, and you need some way to edit on the go, I wouldn’t personally recommend this app to you. The sudden dropoff in features will be jarring for you at best, and you will really rather carry around a small laptop for your portable assignments. With that being said however, professionals are not the target demographic of this product in the first place, so it’s unfair to target it towards them. If you’re a beginner, or even an amateur filmmaker, then you might find that KineMaster is a great and simple way to teach yourself the basics of editing, and familiarize yourself with the process, before jumping into the deep end with professional level products such as Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Where to install and download KineMaster?

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KineMaster is available for free on both the Android Google Play Store, and the iOS App Store. While it is free in nature, a lot of the features are locked behind a premium paywall. I’d certainly recommend downloading the free version first, and seeing how you like the app, before coughing up the requisite amount required for the premium version of the program.


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