As is common knowledge now, Xiaomi has three different, distinct brands under their smartphone division, Redmi, POCO, and Mi. Redmi features phones such as the Redmi K20 Pro, POCO has the POCOPhone F1, and Mi has the Mi Mix series, including the Mi Mix 3. General consensus is however that Mi usually gets the strongest tech and designs first, sort of the flagship brand of the Xiaomi banner. Not only is the newest tech for Mi rolled out in the Pro line, but occasionally, shockingly enough for a budget brand, newest tech for the industry is also rolled out, which is certainly the case for the Mi 9 Pro. So what exactly differentiates the Mi 9 Pro from it’s contemporaries? Read our conclusive piece breaking down the potential future of the Xiaomi brand in the smartphone market.

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Mi 9 Pro
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What is the Mi 9 Pro?

In essence, the Mi 9 Pro is the brand new flagship for the Xiaomi brand of smartphones. The smartphone, to be released soon in India under the ‘Mi 9 Pro’ guise itself, is expected to be a powerhouse, with the newest, latest, and greatest of technology Xiaomi has to offer. As of now, little is known in the way of specs for the Mi 9 Pro, but a few key details have been disclosed.

First off, it will feature a curved edge display, in a similar vain to the Galaxy Edge series. The screen will basically spill over one edge of the phone, providing for a uniquely interactive surface. The screen will also probably be bezel-less, as we know Mi has this technology from phones like Mi Mix 3 and Redmi K20 Pro. Additionally, the phone will more than likely carry the MIUI10 operating system, again, much like it’s contemporaries.

Why is 5G a Big Deal?

First off, for those unfamiliar with what exactly “5G” is, it essentially means the fifth generation of wireless networking technology. You almost definitely can recognize ‘4G’, since chances are, if you own a modern smartphone, it is equipped with 4G technology. Every few years, the network on which all of our devices are wirelessly connected to the internet are updated, hence the name “5G”, or “5th Generation”. This bears the question, what exactly changes from generation to generation when it comes to wireless networking technology. Which raises another question, what exactly does one demand from wireless networking technology?

The answer to both of these questions are very similar elements, broken down below:

  • Speed – Invariably the most important factor when it comes to new geneartions of wireless connectivity, each generation, be it 2G to 3G or 3G to 4G (and expectedly enough, 4G to 5G), sees a massive upgrade when it comes to the speed of the connection in general, and the ability for the device to access the internet on a rapid basis.
  • Coverage – The second most important factor, is where and when you can get highspeed connection. Every iteration of the G cellular technology has improved the distance at which high speeds can be accessed, as well as the distance where drop-off occurs.
  • Reliability – Kind of a generic term in nature, but no less important by virtue. Every generation increases the reliability of connection in all situations at an average.

However, what most people don’t know is that the upgrade from 4G to 5G is far more than a simple sim card swap out. You actually need a new device, which supports 5G in its networking hardware and software in order to be securely connected to the 5G network.

Should You Consider Mi 9 Pro?

The answer to this question depends solely on your personal interest and investment in technology, and the latest and greatest that the smartphone industry itself has to offer. If you are truly an enthusiast, then no question the Mi 9 Pro is one to consider, but if you’re really content waiting for the technology to trickle down slowly, then more power to you, you can purchase a more reasonably priced, reliable phone. 5G truly is killer technology which we will see in the majority of smartphones in the next 5 years, question is, how much are you willing to wait for the latest and greatest the tech industry has to offer.

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