Mathematics is one of those things which has genuinely seen an evolution and renaissance since its inception in history. Simply looking at the sheer volume and number of evolutions which maths has gone through just to get us here is a truly staggering feat.

However, where exactly is the intersection of mathematics and technology. We do live in the information age after all, so it shouldn’t be so uncommon that maths and tech have met somewhere in the past.

Thankfully, the relationship between mathematics and technology runs much deeper than digital calculators. One of these functions is Excel, which is a software by Microsoft which allows one to play around with maths and hard data, but through the medium of a computer or smartphone.

This software is a great one, which is why we’ve decided to cover it today in this spotlight. Below is the full breakdown of Microsoft Excel.

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What is the software known as Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a software package that comes bundled as a part of Microsoft Office. This is essentially a package of cornerstone software that is used in schools, classrooms, and obviously, offices. Excel particularly, as you may imagine, pertains specifically to the mathematics side of things.

It is a software that allows one to input hard maths into a digital format, much like how Microsoft Word allows you to do the very same, but with words instead of numbers.

How does Microsoft Excel work?

In essence, when one first opens up Microsoft Excel, they will be presented with a spreadsheet which flows infinitely from a point in the top left corner of the screen.

This spreadsheet can very much be seen as a boxed notebook, made for solving math’s sums. From this point, whatever you do with this spreadsheet and these cells is very much up to your imagination and need.

These cells can make calculations, operate functions on one another, and can even be linked together to make a specific kind of calculator to suit your own personal needs.

Obviously, as one uses the software they will become more and more familiar with its own functionality and use, so only after you have played around with it can you truly do whatever you want, such as the nature of this complicated software.

What is Microsoft Excel’s functionality?

From engineering classes to boardrooms, Excel’s functionality is undeniable. It is a software that truly has a depth of usage, only limited by your own capacity to process it.

On a basic bare level, excel can be used to organize data into a purely mathematical format. One level deeper, this data can be organized using colors, shades, fonts, and types.

One level further, this data can be turned into charts, graphs, and more tangible forms of data analysis. So as you can see, there are many levels when it comes to the functionality of Excel, and the only limiter is your own imagination.


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