Motorola P30 Play is somewhat of a return to form for Motorola. Specifically targeting the budget segment extremely popular in China and India, the phone aims to go up against some of the strongest names in the business, including Vivo and Redmi. Motorola as a brand name certainly has a lot of value, it has been thrown around for so long that the brand does often get treated with some semblance of respect and reverence. So is the Motorola P30 Play really worth a purchase? Read our piece below to find out.

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Motorola P30 Play
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What is Motorola?

Motorola is truly one of those companies whose name in discussions is quickly followed by ‘I didn’t know they made phones anymore’. However, unbelievably enough, for around two decades, Motorola has been blessing us with cell phones, and along the way, made the switch to smartphones as well. After a lackluster takeover from Google to serve as a vehicle for stock android for a while, bear in mind, this is before the inception of the Pixel, Motorola was passed around between various companies. However, one thing they never let up is making quality smartphones. It should come as no surprise since they have been doing it for so long, Motorola’s smartphone game is fantastic, mostly because their experience, and inspiration in the market. While some would argue its difficult to make a truly bad smartphones these days, Motorola breaks this mold by attempting to differentiate their products, and somehow remain ahead of the curve so many years after their purported peak of popularity.

What Are The P30 Play Specs?

This feature loaded device has many specs worth listing off, they are as follows:

  • 5.9 Inch display with 720×1520 display resolution. Honestly, this is a fairly modest one as far as displays go, but considering the fairly budget pricing and alignment of the phone, it is fairly in line with competition for what it’s worth.
  • IPS LCD Display with almost 80% screen to body ratio, again, nothing special here, you see the cheapest of budget phones come with small bezels, and notches to boot, so it should come as no surprise that the Motorola P30 Play comes with them as well.
  • Android 8.1 preloaded with free upgrade to Android 9 pie available immediately. Well this is right on curve for Motorola, and the industry in general. Most companies aren’t exactly taking to Android 10 in a big way since it is so early, but an update for that should also be expected since Motorola is fairly good with updates in general.
  • 13 megapixel rear camera with 2 megapixel dual camera setup. As is the trend for now, a fairly bog standard camera, with a dual camera setup to boot. Dual cams are becoming so common now that the cheapest of budget phones have started featuring them.
  • 8 megapixel front selfie camera. For lack of a better way of repeating ourselves, a standard front camera is featured here, with little variance from the mean of our expectations from this segment.
  • 3000mAH battery with 15W fast charging capability. This battery seems a little underpowered for 2019, since 4000mAH batteries are more becoming the norm for the budget segment, this battery should be able to carry the load of the phone just fine though.

Is it Worth a Purchase?

This question is a rather difficult one since it’s rather difficult to outright recommend the Motorola P30 Pro, but certainly it is a contender within the segment in which it fights for marketshare. It doesn’t get a glowing recommendation from our side, but rather a nod saying it’s worth considering as compared to other big hitters in the segment, like the aforementioned Vivo and Redmi, as well as other names like Huawei, Oppo, and more. While the specsheet is underwhelming at best, we can assure you that Motorola knows how to make a phone, and this device is unlikely to dissatisfy a light user in any way. However, for a heavier user, you might find the battery to be a tad small for your taste, perhaps a deal breaker for some out there. All in all, the Motorola P30 Pro is a serviceable smartphone, which should be great for those not too enthusiastic about smartphones, and simply need something to get the job done.

To purchase the Motorola P30 Play, click here


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