Hellooo Techy_cians! Have you ever wondered, How the future transformed by the on-going technological revolution and cool gadgets will look like?

Just think of reading this write-up on a wall, rather than your smartphone or laptop. Imagine going for a trip to Mars, Imagine of teleportations doors (someone just binge-watched Doraemon)

These inventions are far, Right? But you won’t think them the same, after going through the amazing tech gadgets mentioned below, which were launched and teased at the CES electronics convention in Las Vegas.

So ready for a Star Trek (may God forgive him for his P.J’s) Let’s go!

Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug

So are you tired of sipping cold tea? Do you feel to carry gadgets like microwave to wherever you go so you can get your coffee heated to the perfect temperature?

Okay, won’t act like a sales guy, but the solution is here, it’s the Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug.

So what can you do with this mug? The mug will keep your coffee or tea at the right temperature with a little assistance from an application in your smartphone.

This mug from Ember uses it’s internal heating technology to keep your beloved beverage hot. The company launched these mugs a while ago, and the latest addition to the line-up is Ember 14 oz. Temperature Control Mug.

Mophie Juice Pack Access

Good News! Apple users, now you can open juice packs with just a click on your iPhone. You caught me, didn’t you? But you got to commend me my sense of humor is getting better!

Many cool tech gadgets were showcased at CES, Las Vegas and this gadget grabbed significant eyeballs. This is a portable charging case for your iPhone. Isn’t this a cool device, now you can charge your iPhone wirelessly, can you tell me what’s the biggest utility of this device?

Time over!

So, Now you are dilemma free, aren’t you? Because now you don’t need to choose between charging your phone or listening to music.

You can do both of them simultaneously. This wonderful gadget is easily available for iPhone models Xs Max, Xs/X, and XR.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

You and Me both know how difficult it is to buy a decent pair of wireless earphones. Since the market is flooded with so many earphones from so many companies.

But this recent launch from the house of Beats is worth noting! These wireless earphones is a great amalgamation of superb sound quality and gym worthy durability.

Let me tell you an amazing feature of this amazing gadget, So as you will put them on, they will automatically start to play the music you were listening to last time, from where you left last time. Amazing isn’t it!

Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant

Internet of things is the next big thing, right? .This gadget is a perfect example of the same. Since now many of us have become comfortable with ordering Alexa( ALEXA! Just stop playing music while I am writing) So we have got our hold on Alexa, right? (he doesn’t sound confident).

Coming back to the gadget, this gadget is a cute grey color smartwatch which can be connected to your Google Assistant. But why to buy this cute smartwatch?

Actually this can be your go-to product if you are looking to make your bedside space more free. Not convinced?

By the way, did I tell you, this cute watch from the house of Lenovo can even act as a power bank and charge your phone!

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

So as I told you there are many brands in the market offering Bluetooth earphones and the competition is getting stiffer.

To carve out a decent share in the market big brands are doing everything from technology innovation to style innovation.

This gadget from the house of Bose is a perfect example of both. Bose with a desire to lead the race of innovation has combined your daily go-to objects, Sunglasses, and Earphones together.

Just think of wearing a sunglass whose frame plays your favorite songs. The glasses are designed in a way that no one except you, will hear the beats you are dancing to!

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