OnePlus has simply been a sensation since the launch of the OnePlus 1, way back when. Now, we sit pretty on top of the OnePlus 7 series bandwagon, declaring it one of the best phones in the world today. However, if nothing else, we are always hungry for more, so we’ve rounded up some of the biggest rumors surrounding the upcoming OnePlus 8 series of smartphones and compiled them. Below are some of the most interesting rumors about the OnePlus 8 series.

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Hole-punch Cutout?

Image showing potential OnePlus 8 render

One of the OnePlus 7 Pro’s standout features was the pop up selfie camera which we see in some rare smartphones here and there. Essentially, whenever you’d need the front camera for a selfie or video call, the mechanism would release itself from the phone, and pop out from the top, revealing the camera. Otherwise, there would be no front camera visible on the device. It’s rumored, however, that the OnePlus 8 series will drop this showy mechanism, and replace it with a hole punch cutout, which will be detached from any edges, and stand freely, like what we see on higher end Samsung flagships.

OnePlus 8 Lite?

We know that the OnePlus series has now been differentiated into a regular and “Pro” model, however, rumors suggest that the company is looking to crack the semi-budget to budget price range with a cheaper device. The OnePlus 8 Lite, as it will reportedly be called, will be the cheapest member of the OnePlus family, and will reportedly be sold mainly in India, where the budget range is far more desirable than more expensive phones, like the other two members of the OnePlus family.

Quad Rear Camera?

Now, we currently see a tri rear camera setup on the OnePlus 7T series. This is for a wide angle, telephoto, and standard lens. Reportedly, a forth “Micro” lens will also be making an appearance on the newest phone, to add fidelity, detail, and resolute accuracy to subjects which are closer to the lens upon time of capturing an image. This will be a great addition, as macro lenses are slowly creeping their way into the industry, and could be a huge switch up and refresher for the OnePlus series over its competitors.

90 GHz on Base Model?

Image showing the 90Hz screen on the OnePlus

This would be a big one. The biggest talking point of the most expensive flagship, the 7 and 7T Pro models, was the 90GHz refresh rate screen. This essentially allowed the screen to refresh to inputs faster, making it appear more “smooth” and “buttery”, as hard to describe as this phenomenon is, it is a real thing. One of the biggest rumors is that the company will be trickling this feature down to the standard 8 model, and adding some new flashy innovation to the flagship. This would be great not just for buyers, but for the industry, making better displays a more competitive feature.


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