Realme, since it’s short existence in the budgeted smartphone world, has truly made a mark on the market. Being a Redmi style company right down to the name, Realme has done a lot for the budget culture by attempting to undercut phones an entire class above, with ultra-competitive pricing strategy. So we were thrilled to hear that Realme was trying something new with their newest batch of phones, the Realme Q, and the one featured in this article, the Realme XT.

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Realme XT
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What is the Realme XT?

The Realme XT is somewhat of the Realme flagship we’ve all been waiting for. Since Realme is nothing more than a budget brand, the XT is sort of the ‘king’ of the budget smartphones. Obviously there exist many, many other brands in the segment, namely Redmi, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, but Realme, in it’s short lifespan, has done a lot to undercut even the biggest names in the budget smartphone world. The Realme XT is looking to break down barriers by providing a real enthusiast level, rugged device, at a more competitive price. As you’ll see if you glance at the specsheet, it certainly does not boast the numbers of a budget phone, but rather a midrange one, like the standard OnePlus series, even though the piece doesn’t reflect this. Speaking of the specs sheet, here it is below for the Realme XT.

What are the Specifications?

In this feature loaded device, the following are the absolute must note features:

  • Large 6.4 inch display with 1080×2340 resolution and Gorilla Glass 5 for sturdy body and drop resistance. In essence, this is a larger smartphone, nearly touching the size of the iPhone 11 Pro Max for that matter. Shockingly, Realme XT has increased pixel density so despite having a larger screen, quality should still be fairly crisp and clear. Furthermore, Gorilla Glass is always a happy look on the specsheet of a glass phone.
  • Super AMOLED screen with a 402 pixel per inch density. As mentioned the high pixel density will make you forget how large of a device you’re actually holding, in true Realme fashion, the screen is all important.
  • Android 9.0 pie preloaded operating system, with more than likely upgrade to Android 10. Nothing much to see here, but the update to Android 10 is exciting as it brings along with it a host of new features.
  • Quad rear camera with largest sensor being a whopping 64 megapixel rear sensor, additionally an 8 megapixel and a pair of 2 megapixel supplementary cameras. This is really the kicker, a 64 megapixel camera almost sounds like a prank, but is truly a reality on the Realme XT. Not only that, it is supplemented by three more sensors, making for a truly unreal experience for both amateur and professional photographers to experience.
  • 16 megapixel front camera with HDR and panorama preloaded. Well, unsurprisingly, the Realme XT also packs a punch on the front camera, not to be overshadowed by the rear in any sense of the word. The HDR is a nice touch as well, usually only seen on higher end phones.
  • In screen fingerprint sensor, with rapid screen unlock. A very ‘2019’ feature so to speak. While it seemed gimmicky when the OnePlus 6T did it, it is very much viable now, and we’re looking forward to testing the responsiveness on the Realme XT.
  • Non removable 4000mAH battery with 20W fast charging capability. Fairly bog standard here, not much to report. It remains to be seen how this battery fares under the load of a fairly large screen.

Is it Worth Purchasing the Realme XT?

For someone who is truly enthusiastic about smartphones, the Realme XT shouldn’t go without consideration. However, if you’re on the market for a budget smartphone with a killer camera, you really needn’t look further than the Realme XT. The 64 megapixel unit with 3 accompanying sensors makes for a package that any photo nut really cannot pass up. Furthermore, the other specs to back it up are also impressive, so simply as a midrange daily driver, the Realme XT is certainly worth a hard consideration. Lastly it all comes down to preference, surely Redmi and Vivo also have strong offerings, but it goes without saying that the Realme XT will make an impact and influence the future of the budget smartphone industry, as Realme smartphones regularly tend to do.

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