Photography is one of those things which has just boomed over the past few decades. It seems now, everyone is an amateur photographer, especially through apps like Instagram, which allows people to showcase their talents.

A big part of this is undoubtedly thanks to smartphones and smartphone companies who deserve massive hats off for this simple fact. Photography was never truly an accessible thing, cameras have always been, and still are very expensive, especially at the professional level.

Smartphones made it so everyone has a decent to the great camera in their front pocket or purse. You can click a picture virtually anywhere and everywhere in the world. However, what these so-called smartphone photographers fail to realize is that in this day and age, taking the picture is only half the story.

The other half is, of course, editing! Thankfully, mobile editing software has accomplished a great deal over the past few years, and today, we’re talking about one of those very apps, which help people edit pictures right from their smartphone, SnapSeed.

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What is SnapSeed?

SnapSeed, as mentioned, is a video editing app provided by Google itself. In essence, it has a fairly basic interface, which allows users to play with a multitude of predetermined values in order to make their perfect shot, just that little bit more perfect.

The app is one downloaded straight to your phone, and actually imports photos from your gallery, allowing you to retrofit a sick edit onto an older picture as well. SnapSeed is all in all a very convenient app for all kinds of photography levels.

What is the functionality of SnapSeed?

SnapSeed is a photo editing and manipulation software. In essence, it imports images that currently exist in your gallery into the app. Then you are provided with a host of features that allow you to tweak your shot just as you see fit.

There are basic features that mess with the qualities of the image on offer, such as contrast, hue, saturation. Additionally, there are far more complex features as well such as being able to extend any edge of the image using AI technology, being able to lighten one particular part of the picture, and changing the perspective and angle from which the shot was taken even after it has been clicked.

A lot of advanced features, such as healing also make an appearance. For amateurs, there are also preset values, or “filters” which you can apply to glam up your images if you’re not too much into getting into the deeper aspects of image editing.

Where is SnapSeed available?

You would go about downloading SnapSeed just as you would any other given app on your smartphone device. For iOS users, you would simply go on the App Store and install it. Conversely, for Android users, you can find SnapSeed conveniently located on the Google Play Store, especially noteworthy since Google actually designed this app in house.


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