Xiaomi, or Mi is a brand which over the past half-decade has really made a lasting impression on the Indian market. Their age-old strategy of providing more premium products, at competitive price points has done wonders for the brand. Especially in India, a market where price is king, and the cheapest products with the highest qualities are usually the ones to beat.

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While it goes without saying that Xiaomi initially made a name for themselves in the Indian market by selling smartphones, and accessories for these, they have quickly expanded to the vast corners of the tech world, experimenting with everything from electric scooters, to smart LED’s, and everything else in between. It should come as no surprise then that Mi has, and is planning to launch a diverse range of products over the course of this year, and the details, specs, and reviews, truly have us waiting to get our hands on them. In this article specifically, we’ll be covering some of the most diverse and interesting products which Mi is offering, including the Mi Band 4, the Mi TV, and the Mi Water Purifier.

Mi Band 4

Beginning with the product which is perhaps the most logical and consistent with Mi’s work over the past couple of years, the Mi Band 4. First off, the Mi Band’s of the past have proven to be wildly successful for Mi, while obviously not holding a candle to their phone sales, the Mi Band has been one of the better selling products in the Mi lineup. So much so that Hritik Roshan’s brand HRX has collaborated with them to create a smartwatch of their own.

However, with the newest addition to the Mi Band family, the Mi Band 4 coming very soon, let’s take a look at the adjustments and features on offer from the new device. Right off the bat, the Mi Band 4 is to be priced at INR 2,299, and extremely competitive pricepoint for a smartwatch. While certainly unable to hold a candle to the Gear or Apple Watch, similarly to the phones, expect the Mi Band 4 to truly impress and outclass others at this pricepoint.

Some of the highlight features of the Mi Band 4 are:

  • Live notifications beamed from phone
  • Sleep cycle tracker which uses heart rate monitor to track sleeping habits
  • Thousands of watch-faces to choose between and personalize
  • Vibration motor alarm which allows you to be woken up in a more peaceful manner
  • Media and volume controls for audio and video on phone
  • Up to 20 days of battery life varying on usage and on time
  • AMOLED display with full span touch screen
  • Water resistance up to 50 meters deep
  • Live phone unlock using watch as a virtual key
  • Find my phone and other tracking features

On September 19th, at 12pm, Mi will be opening the floodgates to orders for the Mi Band 4 on their website. With the release date quickly approaching, be sure to bag up the Mi Band 4, as it is sure to follow the mold carved out by Mi, affordable, approachable, and functional.

Mi TV 65”

Moving on from the fitness side to quite the opposite, the Mi TV, which features here in a 65 inch variant. Officially known as the Mi TV 4X 65, this television offering from Mi has been making the waves at tradeshows as of late. Once again, the Mi TV utilizes the very same strategy of undercutting the competition by overloading features, and maintaining a reasonable price.

Some of the standout features of the Mi TV are as follows:

  • Sharp and clear 4K resolution display
  • 20W Dolby speaker integrated
  • Android TV operating system with Google Assistant activation
  • Wide 65 inch screen with thin bezels and metal design
  • Widerange color gamet with 88% NTSC coverage
  • RealityFlow image stabilization AI inbuilt

Not to mention, the Mi TV, much like their phones, comes equipped with Android, and Google Assistant. For a 65 inch TV, the Mi TV clocks in at just under INR 55,000. Trust us, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value offering on the market when it comes to televisions, than the Mi TV 65”

Mi Smart Water Purifier

Lastly, we come to perhaps the most different and eccentric new product in Mi’s lineup, the Mi Smart Water Purifier. Now, you may wonder, why would a tech giant like Xiaomi be working on a water purifier? Well, good question, but the Mi Smart Water Purifier is simply doing exactly what all other products in the Mi lineup does, premium product, budget price. Now, there is no doubt that water purifiers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, but the Mi Smart Water Purifier is surely emulating the more premium, high quality purifiers in the market.

From the clean exterior finish, to the complex RO + UV purification system, the Mi Smart Water Purifier can go toe to toe with the best in the industry, as they tend to do. However, what truly sets it apart is that the Mi Smart Water Purifier comes with a smart app connectivity feature, allowing your smartphone to control the features of the device. On top of that, the filtration technology is top-notch, and is sure to never disappoint when it comes to purity and cleanliness. For a device with a 5 stage filtration process, the Mi Smart Water Purifier comes in at just INR 11,999, a truly magnificent price for a product of the same caliber.

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