We’ve mentioned various times throughout various articles that we live in the information age. Everything from our communications to our bank account numbers sit somewhere on the internet. This is why we cannot blame people who are skeptical or paranoid of the internet since there have been cases of hacking and data loss in the past.

Thankfully, there exist apps that allow you to more securely browse the internet. TunnelBear is one of these apps, and today, we’re doing a full software breakdown in it, to give you a more holistic and well-rounded understanding of what these apps actually do.

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What is the TunnelBear app?

An image of Tunnel Bear animated map, showing a VPN connection with Italy.
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TunnelBear is an app for mobile devices and computers which allows you to secure your connection. It does this through the use of a VPN technology.

Essentially, your internet connection will be routed through servers sitting in another country, at which point it will appear that your device is connected to that country, allowing you to browse in a more safe and secure manner.

There are many apps of this kind, but in our experience, TunnelBear is a tried and tested VPN app which we would highly recommend.

How does the TunnelBear app work?

In essence, in order to open the app, you must be successfully connected to the internet from whichever device you are choosing to use at the moment. Once connected, you must access the TunnelBear app.

When you open it, you will be greeted with a world map, for you to scroll around, and freely explore. By default, the app will load to your current location, so if you’re in the United States, the map will start there.

You will notice there is something different about this particular world map, in that it is littered with yellow pipe openings, which appear to be straight out of a Mario game.

You will also notice that the pipe closest to yours will feature a bear sticking his head out of it, this is where you can begin to secure your connection.

From here, you can choose to connect to a VPN from a random country, wherein TunnelBear will choose the fastest server. Alternatively, you can choose to personally select which server TunnelBear will connect to, at which point

Is the TunnelBear app useful?

An image of Tunnel Bear's Bear along with a web browser pop-up.
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Unquestionably, this app is extremely useful for all kinds of users in the world, for a variety of reasons. As mentioned, it allows you to securely browse the internet in an untraceable manner. This is helpful for people wanting a more secure form of data.

Another use of the TunnelBear app is that it allows one to browse sites that would otherwise be blocked by the government. Let’s say you’re in an unnamed country that blocks sites such as social media or others.

Through TunnelBear, you can connect to a VPN of any country which does allow these sites, and browse freely, which is a huge deal seeing as it can be a matter of communication or lack thereof.


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