Vivo has quickly made a name in the Indian market, by targeting the various budget segments in a surgical and efficient manner. From ultra budget, to premium budget smartphones, Vivo has a horse in pretty much all these races. Becoming an increasingly popular brand in the past 3 years, it’s generally agreed upon that Vivo is a perfectly suitable and reliable brand for what they do, while mainly iterating on the industry standard and putting their own spin on the newest trends and mannerisms. Not ground breaking, but hey, a budget phone manufacturer doesn’t need to be. However, Vivo has a new product in their lineup, the Vivo U10, which seems to be an interestingly unique package when it comes to the price, along with the features being put on offer with it.

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Vivo U10
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What Niche is the Vivo U10 Trying to Fill?

In a word, the Vivo U10 is attempting to fill the slot of phones priced below INR 10,000. This is certainly one of the most lucrative segments on the market today, since ultra budget smartphones are the newest quick-selling devices on the industry. These companies, including others occupying this segment such as Redmi and Realme generate profit through sheer volume of sales rather than high pricing, and without a doubt, this predatory pricing model has done them well. Especially standout are the specs, discussed below, which are fairly shockingly powerful and modern for a phone at this price.

What Are the Vivo U10 Specs?

The following are the major specs of the Vivo U10:

  • 6.3 Inch Super AMOLED screen with 720×1544 resolution. Very much in line with the smartphones of 2019, the screen has a high screen to body ratio using a teardrop style notch north of the display.
  • Android 9.0 Pie preloaded onto system. The industry standard right now without a doubt, but an update to Android 10 should be expected as soon as companies such as Redmi and Oppo begin adopting it, seeing as they are Vivo’s biggest competitors.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset onboard. This is one of the newer chipsets on the market, and it’s good to see a phone at this price sporting it.
  • Up to 64 gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabytes of ram. Fairly bog standard here, but being a smaller phone, the 4 gigabytes of ram shouldn’t make it feel sluggish or slow at any point.
  • Triple rear camera with 13, 8, and 2 megapixels respectively. This camera setup allows for regular, wide-angle, and high depth of field images. The 2 megapixel onboard camera simply allows one to take regular portrait shots with an increased bokeh photography effect.
  • 8 Megapixel front selfie camera. Nothing too spectacular, pretty much the bare minimum one can expect from a modern smartphone. Should be serviceable and get the job done.
  • 5000mAH battery onboard. This understandably enough is one of the biggest selling points of the phone. Rest assured, this is one of the largest batteries available on a phone of this price, presently on the market. One should be able to squeeze an incredible amount of mileage and screen-on time out of even a smaller charge.
  • 18W fast charging technology with 10 minutes of charge returning approximately over four hours of talktime. This is another one of the big selling points of this device, and certainly, having the ability to get such a quick charge up is one which has done wonders for other brands, OnePlus for example with their Dash charging.

Should You Buy

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Honestly, for the segment it occupies, that being the sub INR10,000 smartphone section, the Vivo U10 fits right in with the competition, and the choice of purchasing or not comes down solely to personal preference, and seeing what exactly one wants from their phone. No doubt, for photography and media enthusiasts, this is a great choice since the triple camera setup will allow for a lot of freedom in that sense. To round out, the battery life is another major sticking point, and will certainly be something which convinces a greater amount of people to purchase this phone. On top of all that, the quick charging capability is also a nifty one, which heavy, power users will appreciate as well.

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