We find that in today’s day and age, applications have become the solution to just about any problem we can face. You needn’t look far for examples of this either, take the iPhone for example, just to name a few of the preloaded apps; the compass, the clock, the maps, the passbook, the newsstand. These are just naming a few, and just in there, 5 crucial human functions, which we as a race see ourselves struggling with in general, such as navigation and time, are right there in the palm of our hands.

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What 3 Words
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However, for every one truly utilitarian, useful app, there are thousands of trashy ones clogging the drainpipes of either the app, or play store, waiting to be downloaded onto your device. So many poorly developed games, half cooked utilities, and grossly overpriced “experiences” find their way onto the respective app stores that it can be hard to figure out what’s real and what’s fake anymore. However, we’ve taken an opportunity in this piece to introduce our audience to an app which genuinely has saved lives, and just might save yours if something were to go awry. Introducing; What 3 Words.

What is What 3 Words?

In essence, What 3 Words is a navigation esque app, but this is a very broad strokes definition on an app which is far more complex than most conventional smartphone applications. First off, it is available for both Android and iOS, and has reportedly already saved many lives around the world. What the developers of the app have done is, split the entirety of the world map into 57 trillion squares, or “blocks”. Each of these blocks equates to about a 10 foot by 10 foot square in the real world. Then, each block was arbitrarily assigned a three word “code”, reflecting it’s location. These three words are simply three random words, which have been uniquely assigned to the specific 10 foot by 10 foot block which you’re currently in. So by virtue of this, roughly every single specific location in the world has been assigned a special code, which is easily conveyable across verbal or written mediums.

Why is What 3 Words Useful?

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Well, this is really a no brainer. The pragmatic purposes of this application are relatively limitless. Everyone is no doubt familiar with the coordinates system, in which increasingly large numbers are used to describe a specific pinpoint location in the world, using longitude and latitudinal lines in order to position the subject. Well, the thing is, in order to communicate these large numbers on the phone, one would need a great memory, and ensure not a single digit is messed up. Additionally, since it’s so specific, it makes for a needlessly long and laborious process to repeat upwards of 12 digits every time you convey a location. This is where What 3 Words comes in, one needs to just repeat the three solitary words mentioned on the app, and their location can be tracked down instantly. There have already been reports of local police finding missing persons with the help of this app, and frankly, it’s easy to see why. In the future, we’d like to see more and more of these applications on the app store, the kind that can make a genuine impact, rather than just looking for their audience to shell out $0.99 for an Angry Birds clone.

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